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Life as an Animist

One of the ways that I describe my religion as an Animist is as practicing an Earth-Based or Nature-Based Spirituality. But even a label like that is inadequate. My faith does revolve around living a holistic mindful life. I try to eat few processed foods. I don’t eat meat. I use aromatherapy and have diffusers at home and work. I grow plants and herbs and have a substantial collection of dried herbs for various uses.      My meditation is contemplating or sitting with nature. One of my first experiences of sitting with nature was sitting out under the stars in my small town as a child and just staring at them with wonder and awe. I was struck by how small I felt in those instances, and that being small was okay. I was a part of it all. Now, in addition to laying out under a night sky, I might stare at a fire, put my hands on a tree and close my eyes, or listen to bird song or insect sounds. To me, those things become the voice of the Divine Presence that fills me with …

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